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EPROM-Simulator 2716....27040

Short description: 
  • simulation EPROM 2716..27020, 85ns
  • LV EPROM support from 2.5V
  • output buffer powered from target system
  • special protection circuits against electrostatic discharge included
  • dual connection to PC: standard printer port or serial port
  • easy to use control program, DOS and Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP compatible
  • 3 years warranty

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SIMEPROM-02aLV is an EPROM simulator, designed for the development workplaces, where are using EPROMs or PROMs. SIMEPROM-02aLV application is in the cases, where is emulator's use ineffective or impossible. Typical applications example of simulator EPROM are low-cost microprocessors system debugging, character generator in videocards/monitors tuning, etc. Special desirable is use of SIMEPROM-02aLV in target systems with + pole grounded (e.g. some telephone exchange) or in cases, when is needed galvanic isolation between PC and target system. SIMEPROM-02aLV can replace EPROM from 2716 to 27040 with the access time above 85 ns. Because output buffer of SIMEPROM-02aLV is powered from target system, there is possible to perform RESET of the target system by its power-off and power-on without problems.

Because simulator are in generally susceptible to damage by ESD (electrostatic discharge), there was developed and build-in into SIMEPROM-02aLV special protection circuit without influence to parameters of simulator. This mean, that simulator SIMEPROM-02aLV is protected either against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and against balancing current that might flow between emulator and target systems.

Quality of SIMEPROM-02aLV and negligible sales returns allows afford nearly lifetime - 3 years - guarantee for it.

Since SIMEPROM-02aLV simulator contains CMOS RAMs, whose contents can be easily changed anytime, it can replace obsolete debugging cycle:
  • switching off the target system
  • removing the EPROM from the socket
  • EPROM erasing
  • EPROM programming
  • inserting EPROM into the socket
  • switching on the target system
    (about 20 minutes)
with much simple procedure:
  • SIMEPROM-02aLV re-downloading
    (about 25 seconds)
In addition, the SIMEPROM-02aLV enables the user forced the RESET signal on a device under development. Thus, a software can be debugged without handling the device.

SIMEPROM-02aLV interfaces with the IBM PC, XT to Pentium Pro, portable or desktop personal computers. Simulators allow you to directly connect to your PC through any standard parallel printer port or through standard (RS232) serial port. In case connection through serial port, SIMEPROM-02aLV is optically isolated from target systems. Using a Y-cable they are possible to connect two SIMEPROM-02aLV simulators on the same parallel port. Generally, on the one PC, it can be connected four SIMEPROM-02aLV simulators.

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The SIMEPROM-02aLV simulator is controlled from the PC by the control program, which is common for all of the ELNEC's EPROM simulators. It is easy-to-use nice software with pull-down menu, hot keys and on-line help. The control program find himself type and port of connected simulator. Thus, it's possible connect all types of ELNEC's simulators on the same computer at the same time. User can do:

  • all necessary functions with simulator (download, RESET control)
  • with buffer (view, edit, fill, copy, swap, checksum, print)
  • read/write buffer in binary or wide range of HEX formats.
Before exit of program, it can save all of the configuration for next use.

There is a BAT file version of control program, which can download of simulator content and can change the RESET status. For DOS operating system is available resident version of control program too.

DOS-Software download

There is available appropriate package convertor PLCC32/DIL32 for work with EPROM in PLCC32.

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  • SIMEPROM-02aLV ver. 020/120, equivalent EPROM/EEPROM/PROM 27C020-120ns
  • SIMEPROM-02aLV ver. 040/85, equivalent EPROM/EEPROM/PROM 27C040-85ns

Supported devices

  • EPROM/PROM: NMOS/CMOS, family 27xxx and 27Cxxx, from 2KByte (2716) to 512KByte (27040/274001) with 8 bit data bus in DIL or PLCC.
  • EEPROM: NMOS/CMOS, family 28xxx, 28Cxxx, 27EExxx, from 2KByte (2816) to 512KByte (28040) with 8 bit data bus in DIL or PLCC.
  • EPROM/PROM/EEPROM from 64KByte to 1MByte with 16 bit data bus in DIL or PLCC (2x SIMEPROM-02aLV with converter DIL40/DIL2x32 W-EPROM)


  • response on the address changed: max. 85 ns (max. 120 ns)
  • response on the CE\ signal going to L: max. 85 ns (max. 120 ns)
  • response on the OE\ signal going to L : max. 45 ns (max. 60 ns)
  • response on the either OE\ or CE\ going to H (data float): max. 10 ns (max. 20 ns)
  • inputs compatibility : 74F (74HCT)
  • outputs : 74AC (74HC)
  • Low voltage EPROM support from 2.5V if powered from external power supply.
Note.: values in parentheses are valid for 020/120 version

Relationship between supply voltage of EPROM in target device and equivalent speed.

Supply voltage Version 020/120 Version 040/85
4,5V - 5,5V 120 ns 85 ns
3.5V - 4.5V 160 ns 105 ns
2.5V - 3.5V 200 ns 125 ns

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POD protection circuit parameters

  • all pins are protected against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and balancing current
  • ESD protection rated to IEC1000-4-2 (15kV air, 8kV contact)
  • protection against balancing current up to 2.5A

SIMEPROM-02aLV operations

  • download
  • RESET control in target system

Buffer operations

  • view/edit, find/replace
  • fill/copy, move, byte swap, word/dword split
  • checksum (byte, word)
  • print

Supported file formats

  • unformatted (raw) binary
  • HEX: Intel, Intel EXT, Motorola S, MOS, Exormax, Tektronix, ASCII-SPACE-HEX

Download speed

Type LPT port on PCI bus LPT port on board Serial port
27020 15 sec. 15 sec. 38 sec.
27040 26 sec. 27 sec. 73 sec.
Time conditions: Pentium 1.7 GHz, Windows XP.

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PC system requirements

  • Processor: IBM PC AT or above, free 512 KB RAM
  • Operating system: DOS 3.2 or higher, Windows 3.x or Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • CD drive, hard disk with 10 MB free space
  • Free parallel (printer) port or free serial (RS232) port


  • operating voltage: external power supply 10..15V DC, max. 350mA or 5V +-10% from target system
  • power consumption: 350 mA max. (200 mA max.)
  • RESET forcing circuit: max. 20V, max. 100mA
  • galvanic isolation by serial line max. 250V DC
  • dimensions: 132x66x30 [mm] without cables attached
  • weight: about 150g
  • environment: office/laboratory
  • temperature: 5°C ÷ 40°C (41°F ÷ 104°F)
  • humidity 20%..80%, non condensing
Note. value in parentheses is valid only for 020/120 version

Package included

  • SIMEPROM-02aLV simulator
  • SIMEPROM-02aLV, serial communication module (features optical isolation)
  • connection cable to PC for connection through parallel port and serial port
  • precise 32 pin socket, connected to simulator POD
  • precise 28 pin socket
  • precise 24 pin socket
  • wall plug adapter, 12V DC/500mA, unstabilized
  • user manual
  • CD with software
  • registration card
  • transport case

Price:  SIMEPROM-02aLV/85  €  277,33

Programmer price also includes

The information in this document are subject to change without notice.

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