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  • special converter, assigned for memories in BGA package, Xilinx XCF family in TFBGA48
  • top board: BGA-Top-1 ZIF-CS (order no. 70-0241)
  • bottom board: BGA-Bottom-22 (order no. 70-0400)
  • ZIF socket accepts many variations of BGA packages, that differ in ball diameter, ball width and package thickness.
  • The picture at Accepted package(s) section shows the range of all dimensions of BGA packages, which are accepted by this BGA-Top board.
  • operation (mechanical) life of ZIF socket - 500.000 actuations
  • accessory for BeeProg, JetProg, LabProg+ and LabProg-48LV
  • socket: ZIF BGA48, ClamShell type
  • bottom: 2 rows, 2x 24 pins, square, 0.6x0.6mm, rows spacing 600mil
  • order no.: 70-0400/0241
  • Price: € 

Converter manual

  • Insert converter to the programmer ZIF socket according to the picture placed near of it. Open the converter ClamShell ZIF socket. Insert the device into it (place device on contacts) according to the picture in control program PG4UW (Device info for selected device)
  • Visually check position of device in converter ClamShell ZIF socket. If everything looks OK, close it and now, device is ready for programming.
  • Be careful, because the incorrect insertion of converter to the programmer ZIF socket or device to the converter ClamShell ZIF socket can damage the programmed device.
  • To take out the device, open converter ClamShell ZIF socket and remove device from it.
  • When you finish work with converter, remove it from the programmer ZIF socket.
  • Do not directly touch the pins of the converter and converter ZIF socket, because dirt may cause errors during programming of device.
  • For handling with the device we recommended to use a vacuum pick up tool.
  • The picture show, how to put together the BGA-Top-x ZIF-CS and BGA-Bottom-x boards to have complete BGA converter.

    Accepted package(s)


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