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Design Kit for STMicroelectronics ST FIVE 508 Family (USB)
Short description:
  • Real-Time Code Execution Without Probes Works with All Packages
  • Standard Chip Used No Bondouts, 100% Electrical Characteristics Guaranteed
  • Seamlessly Integrates Into you Favorite Development Environment: STMicroelectronics STVD7 or Metrowerks CodeWarrior (Both Are Provided)
  • Built-In ISP Programmer
  • USB Connection to the PC
  • Includes inDART-STX/D + Evaluation Board with a Sample Microcontroller

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inDART-STX/500 is a Design Kit package which includes the inDART-STX in-circuit debugger/programmer unit plus an evaluation board specific for ST FIVE 508 FLASH microcontrollers (SDIP32 and DIP28 sockets are present). inDART-STX/500 can be used together with STMicroelectronics Visual FIVE IDE or Raisonance RKit-ST5 IDE. inDART-STX/500 takes advantage of the ISP (In-System Programming) feature to program the FLASH memory of the microcontrollers. inDART-STX/500 provides users with everything they need to write, compile (an evaluation version of the Raisonance C Compiler is provided), download, in-circuit emulate and debug user code. Full-speed program execution allows users to perform hardware and software testing in real time. inDART-STX/500 is connected to the host PC through an USB port, while the 10-pin probe of the debuggers fit into the target's standard ISP connector. The instrument is powered by the USB bus, so an external power supply is not required.

Evaluation Board

This package includes a full-featured evaluation board specific for ST52F500, 503, 510, 513 and 514 microcontrollers (SDIP32 and DIP28 sockets are provided). The evaluation board includes DIP-switches, jumpers, LEDs, push-buttons, a potentiometer, prototyping area and a standard ISP connector and can be used for evaluation/experiments in the absence of a target application board.

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The inDART Technology

Contrariwise to traditional in-circuit emulation (where the target application is executed and emulated inside the emulator), inDART-STX uses the very same target microcontroller to carry on in-circuit execution. This means that all microcontroller's peripherals (timers, A/D converters, I/O pins, etc.) are not reconstructed or simulated by an external device, but are the very same target microcontroller's peripherals. Moreover, the inDART-STX debugging approach ensures that the target microcontroller's electrical characteristics (pull-ups, low-voltage operations, I/O thresholds, etc.) are 100% guaranteed.

Design Kit Advantages

The evaluation boards included in the various Design Kit packages feature a specific microcontroller with the addition of a ready-to-use ISP interface. Just plug the inDART-STX ISP cable into the evaluation board's ISP connector, load the provided sample application into the user interface and you're ready to work. It's a hassle-free way of immediately working with your target device. Additionally, evaluation boards feature LEDs, push-buttons, DIP-switches, potentiometers and a prototyping area. Of course, the inDART-STX in-circuit debugger/programmer unit included in Design Kit packages is the same unit included in all other packages--it still supports all of the devices of the ST72F FLASH family as well as all of the devices of the ST FIVE 508 FLASH family.

ST FIVE Software Updates

The System Software CD provided with the instrument contains the STMicroelectronics Visual FIVE IDE and an evaluation versions of the Raisonance RKit-ST5 Development Suite. To get updated versions of these software packages, please refer to the respective websites.

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Supported devices

  • ST52F500x2
  • ST52F500x3
  • ST52F501Lx1
  • ST52F501Lx2
  • ST52F501Lx3
  • ST52F502Lx1
  • ST52F502Lx2
  • ST52F502Lx3
  • ST52F503x2
  • ST52F503x3
  • ST52F510x2
  • ST52F510x3
  • ST52F513x2
  • ST52F513x3
  • ST52F514x1
  • ST52F514x3

At a Glance

  • Debugging Capabilities: Source Level Debugging; Step Instructions; Breakpoint Handling
  • Programming Capabilities: ISP Programming; Full Option Bytes Control; DataBlaze Programming Utility Included
  • Supported Debuggers: STMicroelectronics Visual FIVE (includes graphical editor, assembler, debugger); Raisonance RKit-ST5 (includes editor, assembler, C compiler, debugger)
  • Communication: USB Connection to the Host PC, ISP Connection to the Target Board
  • Power Supply: Provided by the USB Bus, No external power supply needed

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  • Emulator inDART-STX/500  €  298,97  zzgl. MWSt.

Emulator price also includes

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