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In-Circuit Emulator for ST52430
Short description:
  • True In-Circuit Emulation
  • Full I/O and Peripheral Simulation
  • Step-by-Step Execution Modes
  • Tracing of the Source Program
  • Built-In Programming ZIF Socket for Easy Device Insertion and Extraction
  • Evaluation Board with a Sample ST52430 Microcontroller Included

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ICD-ST52 Series In-Circuit Emulators are powerful, in-circuit emulators and programmers for STMicroelectronics ST FIVE 408 family of Intelligent Controller Units (ICUs). Together with the VISUALFIVE development environment, they provide you with everything you need to write, compile, program, in-circuit emulate and debug user code. In-circuit emulation allows you to use the actual inputs and outputs of your target system during simulation of your code. ICD-ST52 Series In-Circuit Emulators are connected to the host PC through a parallel port, while the emulation pod fits into the target microcontroller's socket. A full-featured experiment board is also included.

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Emulation Modes

The ICD-ST52 Series In-Circuit Emulators can work in two emulation modes: PERIPHERAL & I/O MODE and I/O MODE only. In PERIPHERAL & I/O MODE peripherals and I/Os are emulated by the emulator unit, and interrupts are handled. In I/O MODE, instead, only I/Os are emulated, and interrupts are not handled. The I/O MODE is only useful for educational purposes, since it allows to take advantage of the VISUALFIVE Plot capability.

Evaluation Board Features

A full-featured experiment board for a specific ST FIVE microcontroller is provided together with the emulation/programming unit. Each demo board can be used for evaluation/experiments in the absence of a target application board.

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VISUALFIVE Integrated Development Environment

The VISUALFIVE IDE offers you a user-friendly way to work ST FIVE ICUs, in a Windows environment. The visual and graphical approach provides you an innovative and timesaving solution to develop your project, minimizing your Assembler code writing and focusing on your control aspects. All peripherals configuration can be graphical. The whole project is developed as a flow chart of interconnected blocks, like those managed by ST52: Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Algorithms, Mathematical and Assembler Instructions, Boolean Conditions, Peripheral Settings, Interrupt Routines.

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Supported devices

  • ST52430

At a Glance

  • Debugging Capabilities: Source Level Debugging; Step Instructions; Breakpoint Handling
  • Programming Capabilities: Built-In Programming ZIF Socket; DataBlaze Programming Utility Included
  • Software: Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP Compatible
  • Communication: Parallel Connection to the Host PC, Emulation Pod Connection to the Target Board
  • Power Supply: 9-12 V DC, 300 mA

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  • Emulator ICD-ST52420    360,00  zzgl. MWSt.

Emulator price also includes

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