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ST6225 In-Circuit, Real-Time Emulator
Short description:
  • Non-Intrusive, Transparent Emulation
  • Mask C Support
  • No Target Processor Resources Used, No Interrupts, I/Os, or Memory Locations Reserved for Emulation Purposes
  • No Wait States Inserted, True Real-Time Execution Ensured
  • No Spurious Clock Cycles Inserted Between Steps
  • Full Set of Emulation Commands
  • Integrated in the Raisonance C Compiler

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DS6225A is a development system for STMicroelectronics ST62X family of microcontrollers. DS6225A offers in-circuit, real-time and transparent emulation and can be used to debug both code and hardware designs. Using a debugger/emulator allows you to check your project at the earliest possible moment. You can test your hardware without specifically written routines and your software without a working target board. Accurate in-circuit, real-time emulation is achieved using a highly integrated external unit that is easily connected to the PC serial port, so PC disassembly is not necessary and an expansion slot is not required. At the other end, the emulator pod is inserted into the microprocessor socket on the target board for in-circuit emulation.

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Light and Compact Pod

We have devoted a great deal of care to the design of the emulator pod. The small number of pins available means that good contacts cannot be reliably guaranteed if the pod is heavy, and there is usually insufficient space on embedded user boards if the pod is too big. For these reasons, SofTec Microsystems has designed a very light and compact pod so that the designer does not have to compromise the design to accommodate the development tools. DS6225A has one of the smallest emulator footprints in the industry, they fit neatly in crowded work spaces and are easy to move around on the bench or to other computers.

Powerful User Interface

DS6225A is controlled by a common, Windows-based user interface: DS62X. DS62X accepts binary and Intel-Hex file formats (the latter with optional STMicroelectronics assembler DSD and SYM format). It reads debug information from output files produced by the original STMicroelectronics cross-assembler, and downloads program via RS-232 serial port to the program memory in less than 4 seconds (with 9600 serial baud rate and 4 KB of program size). DS62X supports full emulation commands, offering an unlimited number of software breakpoints to stop the code execution of the microcontroller while running. SofTec Microsystems is committed to making your job as easy as possible, so we built an user interface that is easy to use, easy to learn and very fast; a combination that will accelerate and enhance your development work. You'll find bugs in seconds, accessing all of the microcontroller resources in separate windows for examining the RAM and code memory, source, registers, stack and a user-customizable list of the variables. You have the additional benefits of Windows for visualizing your data: multiple windows (Source, Registers, Code Memory, Data Memory, Stack and Watch window) can be displayed simultaneously for comparing different views of your target system. Knowing that accuracy and speed are critical to your success, all these features combine to provide you with a fast, easy to learn user interface. The debugger provides access to every microcontroller resource allowing you to edit them directly from the appropriate window. You can enter data in hexadecimal, ASCII or binary format through a handy dialog box that shows the meanings of the single bits and allows you to change their values simply by clicking the mouse button. Variables are shown in hexadecimal, decimal and binary format and can be referenced by both their names and addresses. A special user interface function, I/O Test, allows electronic designers to change the emulator I/Os to test the full functionality of their external hardware without writing special software routines. It is possible to set the outputs, read the inputs and change the directions of the I/O graphically using the mouse.

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Real-Time Emulation Without Compromises

DS6225A operates with or without a target system to allow unrestricted routine testing. You can select the clock frequency from 1 to 8 MHz in fixed steps through the user interface; no external crystal or oscillator is needed thanks to an internal frequency synthesizer that ensures the maximum flexibility. DS6225A is non-intrusive and transparent emulator. No target processor resources are used. No interrupts, no I/Os, and no memory locations are reserved for emulation purposes. No wait states are inserted so true real-time execution is ensured. No spurious clock cycles are inserted between steps.

Integrated in the Raisonance C Compiler

DS6225A can also be used directly from within the Raisonance RKIT-ST6 C Compiler. RKIT-ST6 includes the same debugging engine of the DS62X user interface, with the addition of a powerful, integrated C compiler, macro assembler, linker and a fully integrated simulator/debugger. The RKIT-ST6 Compiler Kit includes the RIDE integrated development environment, a C compiler, a macro assembler, a linker, a library manager, a color syntax highlight editor, a project manager and a simulator/debugger Interface.

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Supported devices

  • ST6200
  • ST6201
  • ST6203
  • ST6208
  • ST6209
  • ST6210
  • ST6215
  • ST6220
  • ST6225

At a Glance

  • Software: Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP Compatible
  • Dimensions: 190 x 100 x 40 mm
  • Communication: RS-232
  • Power Supply: 9-15 V DC, 500 mA


  • 12 V AC/DC Switching Power Adapter; #237-00132

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  • Emulator DS6225A  €  1350,00  zzgl. MWSt.
  • Power supply adapter  €  44,83  zzgl. MWSt.

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